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4.6.12   Consolidating Spam From Multiple Filters

As described in the How should I configure the junk filter on my mail server? section, we generally recommend turning off other spam/junk filters and only using SpamSieve. If you choose not to do this you may end up in a situation where server filters are putting spam messages in one or more Spam/Junk/Bulk mailbox. There are several different ways this can be configured:

A. Have All Filters Use the Special Junk Mailbox

To do this, for each account, use Mail’s Settings ‣ Accounts ‣ Mailbox Behaviors to set the special Junk mailbox to the mailbox that the server filter is using. (On macOS 10.11 and earlier, select the mailbox and choose Mailbox ‣ Use This Mailbox As ‣ Junk Mailbox.) You will still be able to tell which filter moved each message to Junk. On macOS 11 and later, you can use the + button next to Favorites at the top of Mail’s mailbox list to control whether the Junk mailboxes from all accounts are shown under a special All Junk mailbox.

B. Have Separate Mailboxes for Each Spam/Junk Filter

Some users like having separate Junk and Spam mailboxes. If this is what you want, just be sure to check both locations for false positives, so that no good messages get stuck there. Only good messages in the special Junk mailbox need to be trained as good because good messages in the Spam or Bulk mailbox are not SpamSieve mistakes. This is described more in the Separating Spam Caught by SpamSieve and Server Filters section of the manual.

C. Use a Smart Mailbox to Show All the Spam in One Place

You can store the spam messages from different filters in separate mailboxes but use a smart mailbox also see them all in the same place. For example, the smart mailbox might look like this:

Contains messages that match any of the following conditions:

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