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7.1.7   Checking the Mailsmith Setup

The Setting Up Mailsmith section describes how to set up Mailsmith to filter your mail using SpamSieve.

  1. Make sure that you are using version 2.3.1 or later of Mailsmith.
  2. Make sure that Use SpamSieve is checked in the preferences. If that option is disabled:
    1. Make sure you have only one copy each of Mailsmith and SpamSieve installed. If there are any old versions in the trash, empty the trash.
    2. Launch SpamSieve directly from the Finder, by double-clicking its icon. (Do not use the Dock icon or an application launcher.)
    3. Launch Mailsmith (again, by double-clicking its icon).
    4. Open Mailsmith’s Preferences window, and verify that the Use SpamSieve option is enabled.
  3. If you are using the Leave it in “(incoming mail)” option, make sure that a deposit or transfer filter isn’t acting on the spam messages before your spam filter can.
  4. To test the connection between Mailsmith and SpamSieve, select a message and choose Recalculate Spam Score from Mailsmith’s Message menu. Then choose Log from the Window menu and verify that a “Predicted” entry for that message was added to the log.
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