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4.6.17   Apple Mail Script Rule

Normally, SpamSieve uses a plug-in and a special rule to move spam messages to the spam mailbox. In some circumstances, you may prefer to use an alternate setup:

In such situations, you can uncheck the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s settings (or skip creating it in the first place) and instead set up a script rule:

  1. Choose Settings… from the Mail menu and click the Rules button in the toolbar.
  2. Click the Add Rule button.
  3. Change the description to Move If SpamSieve Spam.
  4. Change the From (or Any Recipient, prior to macOS 10.12) pop-op menu to say Every Message. (Every Message is near the bottom of the menu.)
  5. Change the Move Message pop-up menu to say Run AppleScript.
  6. Next to Run AppleScript, change the No Script Selected pop-up menu to say Move If SpamSieve Spam. (The script should be pre-installed when you install SpamSieve’s plug-in. It’s also available for download here.)
  7. Now click OK to close the rule and save your changes. Mail may ask if you want to apply the rule; click Don’t Apply. (If you were to click Apply now, or in the future when editing a rule, that would filter all of the currently displayed old messages through SpamSieve, and you would be obliged to correct any mistakes.)

Disadvantages of the Move If SpamSieve Spam script rule compared with the regular SpamSieve rule:

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