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5.2.12   Open Library…

Opens a .eflibrary file, letting you view the library in EagleFiler.

To open an encrypted library, first double-click its .sparsebundle or .sparseimage file in the Finder and enter your passphrase. Then you will be able to see the .eflibrary file and open it in EagleFiler. For quick access, you can also drag the .eflibrary file to the Dock or create an alias.

See also: Remember open libraries between launches.

If a Library Won’t Open

There may be additional information about why the library won’t open in the system Console. Please see the Sending in an Error Report section. You can also rebuild/restore a library that won’t open, as described in the How can I rebuild a library? section.

Rebuilding a Library’s Indexes

To rebuild a library’s indexes, hold down the Command and Option keys when opening the library. For more information, see the How does indexing in EagleFiler work? section.

Skipping Initial Operations

When you open a library, EagleFiler will automatically verify that all of the files are present, backup the metadata, copy the tags to OpenMeta, and copy the tags to the Spotlight comments (if you’ve selected that option). To skip these operations, hold down the Shift key when opening the library.

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