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5.2.18   Import ENEX File…

There are two ways to export from Evernote to rich text (RTF) files in EagleFiler:

Either way, when importing from Evernote, EagleFiler converts the Evernote Markup Language to macOS’s standard Rich Text With Attachments (RTFD) format. EagleFiler preserves the rich text formatting, embedded images and other attached files, tags, source URLs, to-do list checkboxes, note titles and authors, and creation and modification dates. Any Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results are attached to the records as EagleFiler notes, so that you can search for printed and handwritten text that Evernote had extracted.

Importing preserves the fonts that you’ve chosen in Evernote. Text in a note that does not have a font specified will be imported using the rich text font set in EagleFiler’s Fonts settings.

Any encrypted text within a note will remain in the <en-crypt> format; if you want to store it unencrypted in EagleFiler, you should decrypt it with Evernote before importing.

Evernote notes that contain only a single attached file (e.g. a PDF file) are imported into EagleFiler as just that file, as that’s more useful than embedding the file inside an otherwise empty RTFD document.

To preserve which Evernote notebook each note came from, it’s easiest to import using the capture key rather than by exporting a .enex file (since the .enex format does not store the structure). For example, to import everything at once you could click on All Notes and choose Edit ‣ Select All. Then, when you press the capture key, EagleFiler will import each note into an EagleFiler folder named after its Evernote notebook. Alternatively, you can export each notebook to a separate .enex file and then import the files in EagleFiler. The Import ENEX File… command lets you select multiple .enex files at a time.

To preserve the exact HTML formatting of an Evernote note, rather than converting to rich text format, you can choose File ‣ Export Note… in Evernote and choose HTML as the format. (Note: This feature was removed in Evernote 10.) HTML files are not directly editable in EagleFiler, but you can use the Convert for Editing command to convert them to RTF at a later date.

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