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7.13.1   Why does the “Junk” mailbox appear in Apple Mail?

The Junk Mailbox

The Setting Up Apple Mail instructions have you turn off Mail’s built-in junk mail filter, so it will not put messages in the Junk mailbox. However, it is normal for Mail to still show the Junk mailbox. (Older versions of Mac OS X would always hide the Junk mailbox when the filter was disabled.)

SpamSieve itself normally puts spam messages in the Spam mailbox, unless you’ve changed this as described in the Changing the Name of the Spam Mailbox section.

If your mail server has its own junk filter, it is normal for that filter to put spam messages in the Junk mailbox. Because these messages are moved out of the inbox before your Mac sees them, they will not be affected by any of your Mail rules or by SpamSieve. Please see the How should I configure the junk filter on my mail server? and Consolidating Spam From Multiple Filters sections for more information about this.

The Junk Bar and Messages Marked as Junk

It is normal for Mail to show a brown bar above some messages that SpamSieve or a server filter classified as spam. SpamSieve marks the messages as junk to protect you from Web bugs. Do not click the Not Junk button. If the message is not spam, you should instead choose SpamSieve - Train as Good from the Message menu.

apple mail junk bar

apple mail junk bar mavericks

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