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7.15.1   Why does the “Junk” mailbox appear in Apple Mail?

SpamSieve itself normally puts spam messages in the Spam mailbox, unless you’ve changed this as described in Changing the Name of the Spam Mailbox.

The Setting Up Apple Mail instructions have you turn off Mail’s built-in junk mail filter, so it will not put messages in the Junk mailbox. However, under Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks:

  1. Mail will still show the Junk mailbox. Any messages in that mailbox were probably moved there by a spam filter running on your mail server. (Since this happened before the messages got to your Mac, SpamSieve did not process them; thus, even though they are not in the Spam mailbox, they do not need to be trained as spam.) Mail will display the mailbox as Junk even though it may be called Spam on the server.

    Please see How should I configure the junk filter on my mail server? for how to turn off the server junk filter.

  2. Mail will show a brown bar with a Not Junk button above some messages that SpamSieve or a server filter classified as spam. You should ignore this, i.e. always choose SpamSieve - Train as Good rather than clicking the Not Junk button.

Consolidating Spam Under the Special Junk Mailbox

If you have multiple active server junk filters, as well as SpamSieve, you will have multiple Spam/Junk mailboxes in Mail. You may wish to consolidate them so that all of the spam messages are shown in Mail’s special Junk mailbox. The messages will still be stored under their respective accounts, but there will be less visual clutter.

  1. This setup requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later. It will only work if Mail is showing the special Junk mailbox at the top of the mailbox list. If the Junk mailbox is not visible, you can get Mail to show it (without enabling Mail’s built-in junk mail filter) by following the instructions in Automatically Deleting Old Spam Messages.
  2. For each account, select the mailbox that the server junk filter is using and choose Mailbox ‣ Use This Mailbox As ‣ Junk Mailbox. This will make Mail show it under the special Junk mailbox.
  3. Change the SpamSieve rule to move messages to the special Junk mailbox rather than the Spam mailbox.
  4. Choose SpamSieve - Change Settings from Mail’s Message menu and, when prompted, enter Junk as the name of the mailbox for trained spam messages.
  5. Delete any Spam/Junk mailboxes that are no longer in use.
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