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4.4.1   Setting Up an Apple Mail Drone

This section is a continuation of the Setting Up a Spam Filtering Drone instructions for people using Apple Mail.

  1. If you have a single mail account, follow the normal SpamSieve setup procedure in the Setting Up Apple Mail section, with one change: in Step 2, create the new Spam mailbox in your server account instead of in On My Mac. You’re now done with this step.

    If you have multiple mail accounts, create a Spam mailbox in each account. Instead of creating one SpamSieve rule, create one per account. The name of each rule should be SpamSieve - Account 1 (where Account 1 is the Description of your account). The conditions of the rule should say:

    Account Account 1

    The actions should say:

    Move Message Spam [the Spam mailbox in Account 1]

    Mail may ask if you want to apply the rule; click Don’t Apply.

  2. Download the Apple Mail - Remote Training script file. Open it in AppleScript Editor and add your account name(s) at the top.

  3. You can test that the script works by running it in AppleScript Editor; it should move any messages in the TrainGood mailbox to the inbox and any messages in the TrainSpam mailbox to the Spam mailbox. Errors will be reported in the All Messages section of the Console application.

  4. Go to Mail’s Preferences window and create a new rule at the top of the list (above the SpamSieve rule) called Remote Training. The conditions should say:

    Every Message

    The actions should say:

    Run AppleScript […]apple-mail-remote-training.scpt

    After choosing Run AppleScript from the pop-up menu, select the file that you created in Step 2 (using either the pop-up menu or the Choose… button).

    Mail may ask if you want to apply the rule; click Don’t Apply.

  5. If you want manually trained spam messages to go to the Spam mailbox on the server rather than On My Mac, use the Change Settings command to tell SpamSieve that you don’t want a local spam mailbox.

  6. If you are using iCloud to sync your Mail rules between multiple Macs, make sure that both the SpamSieve and Remote Training rules are unchecked on all the Macs except for the drone.

  7. If desired, you can set up keyboard shortcuts on any non-drone Macs for moving messages into the Train mailboxes. In Mail’s View menu, choose Show Favorites Bar. Then drag the TrainGood and TrainSpam mailboxes to the favorites bar. There will then be keyboard shortcuts for these messages in the Mailbox ‣ Move to Favorite Mailbox submenu.

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