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6.1.4   Use Entourage/Outlook address book

With this option enabled, SpamSieve will never predict a message to be spam if its sender’s e-mail address is in the contacts list for Entourage or Outlook. When you install SpamSieve, you should click the Load button to make SpamSieve read in the addresses in the Entourage or Outlook address book. The addresses are loaded into SpamSieve’s memory and stored in its preferences file, but they are not displayed in the Whitelist window because they are not whitelist rules.

Re-loading Addresses

Whenever you add addresses to the Entourage or Outlook address book, you should go back to SpamSieve’s settings and click Load so that SpamSieve learns about the new addresses. (This is not necessary for addresses that have already sent you e-mails, as SpamSieve will automatically see those messages and add the addresses to its whitelist.)

If you remove addresses from the Entourage or Outlook address book, you should hold down the Option key when clicking Load; this tells SpamSieve to forget the old addresses before loading the new ones. Do not click Load while Entourage or Outlook is downloading and filtering mail, as this may cause it to freeze.

Your Own Addresses

If you have Exclude my addresses checked, addresses on the macOS Contacts app’s “Me” card will not be checked against Entourage or Outlook’s address book. This helps prevent forged spams from getting through. For more information, please see the How do I make SpamSieve catch spams sent from my own address? section.

Multiple Identities

If you have multiple Entourage or Outlook identities, you can load the addresses into SpamSieve in sequence. Click Load, then change to another identity and click Load again, etc.

Sync Services

Prior to macOS 10.8, Entourage and Outlook could automatically synchronize their address books with the system address book using a technology called Sync Services. SpamSieve could access the system address book directly, so there was no need for SpamSieve to load the addresses from Entourage or Outlook. As of macOS 10.8, Apple has deprecated Sync Services, and customers report that it no longer works reliably. Thus, it is recommended that you use the Use Entourage/Outlook address book option instead.

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