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4.6.3   Spam Message Categories (Outlook)

SpamSieve colors spam messages in Outlook using one of two categories:

This is for messages that you mark as spam (using the SpamSieve - Train as Spam command) and for most incoming messages that SpamSieve thinks are spam.
Uncertain Junk
This is for incoming messages that SpamSieve thinks are spam, but whose scores are below the uncertainty threshold. For more information about scores and uncertainty, see the Uncertain Spam Messages preference.

To change the colors associated with these categories, choose Message ‣ Categorize ‣ Edit Categories….

To turn off the uncertain spam feature, so that all spam messages are marked using the Junk category, use the SpamSieve - Change Settings command.

Outlook 2011

Normally, both Junk and Uncertain Junk messages are put into the same Junk E-mail folder. It is also possible to separate the messages by category. To do this:

  1. Create a new folder in Outlook called Uncertain Junk.
  2. Create a third rule called SpamSieve - Move Uncertain Messages. It should say “If Category Is Uncertain Junk, Then Move message Uncertain Junk.”
  3. Drag the new rule between the SpamSieve - Set Category and SpamSieve - Move Messages rules.
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