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7.12.2   Should I download SpamSieve from this free site?

No. We only recommend downloading SpamSieve from and from reputable download sites such as Apple and MacUpdate. The C-Command Store lists all the vendors that are authorized to sell SpamSieve. Downloads from other sites may include adware or viruses.

The following sites:

are not authorized to distribute our software. They have been a source of confusion because they often appear in ads at the top of search results for Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo. We do not recommend downloading from these sites. In many cases, they will say that they are offering an “official” copy of SpamSieve that is anything but. In fact, the installer asks for your administrator password, installs adware, and makes other changes that may damage your Mac.

CNET’s offers a Direct Download Link, which is valid; however it also offers a more prominent Download Now Installer Enabled link, which we do not recommend. The CNET installer installs toolbar adware and changes browser settings. This page explains how you can remove the toolbar.

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