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6.5   Settings ‣ Other Clients

settings other clients


See the Setting Up Airmail section.


See the Setting Up Entourage section. The Install Entourage Scripts button installs (or updates) the AppleScript files that SpamSieve uses to integrate with Entourage. Occasionally, the script files can become damaged, causing Entourage to ask you to locate the SpamSieve application each time you receive mail or try to train SpamSieve. Using this command to install fresh copies of the scripts should fix that problem. This command also makes sure that you have an Entourage category called Uncertain Junk.


See the Setting Up GyazMail section.


See the Setting Up MailMate section.


See the Setting Up Mailsmith section.

Postbox 5

See the Setting Up Postbox section.


See the Setting Up PowerMail section.


See the Setting Up Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, or Other Web Mail and iPhone Spam Filtering sections.

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