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8.4   Setting Up Eudora

This section applies to Eudora 6.x. Please see the Setting Up Eudora 5.2 section if you need to setup Eudora 5.2 or Eudora 6 Lite.

  1. Double-click the SpamSieve application and choose Install Eudora Plug-In from the SpamSieve menu. SpamSieve will install its plug-in, disable other junk mail plug-ins (which would conflict with SpamSieve), and reveal the Eudora application file for you.

    eudora finder

    Note: If there is an error installing the plug-in, see the Installing the Plug-In Manually section below.

  2. Control-click on the Eudora application file, choose Show Package Contents, and open the Contents folder.

    Make sure that the Esoteric Settings 6.0 file is in the PlugIns folder; if necessary, move it there from the PlugIns Disabled folder.

    Make sure that the SpamWatch OSX and SpamHeaders OSX files are not in the PlugIns folder; if necessary, move them to the PlugIns Disabled folder.

  3. When you start up Eudora, you should see SpamSieve listed in the About Message Plug-ins… window that is accessible from the Eudora menu.

    Note: The version number displayed in this window is the version of the SpamSieve Eudora Plug-In; it will not be the same as the version number of the SpamSieve application. The current plug-in version is displayed in SpamSieve’s about box.

  4. Choose Preferences… from the Eudora menu, scroll down to the Junk Extras settings panel (which is at the very bottom), and check Always enable Junk/Not Junk menu items. Next, select the Junk Mail pane and make sure that Hold junk in Junk mailbox is checked. The Junk Threshold slider must be set to the middle position (50). If you are using IMAP, make sure that Run junk scoring plugins on this IMAP account is checked in the IMAP settings pane.

  5. Now proceed to the Do an Initial Training section.

    • To train SpamSieve with spam messages, select one or more of them and then choose Junk from Eudora’s Message menu.
    • To train SpamSieve with good messages, select one or more of them and then choose Not Junk from Eudora’s Message menu.

    You can also use toolbar buttons for training SpamSieve.

The above is all you need to know about using SpamSieve with Eudora. The Eudora Customization section explains some more advanced setup options.

Installing the Plug-In Manually

If the Install Eudora Plug-In command doesn’t work, you can install the plug-in manually as follows:

  1. Go to the SpamSieve menu and choose Show Other Scripts. A Finder window will open.

  2. Choose Enclosing Folder from the Finder’s Go menu. Now you should see a window containing the file SpamSieve Eudora Plug-In.

  3. Create the folder:

    /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Eudora/PlugIns/

    and drag the SpamSieve Eudora Plug-In file into it.

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