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7.2.2   Sending in Screenshots

To help troubleshoot problems in your mail program, please include screenshots of:

  1. Any errors that were reported (if applicable).
  2. The message list in your mail program.
  3. The rule list in your mail program (including both regular rules and mailing list manager rules, if applicable).
  4. The individual SpamSieve rule(s) that you created in the mail program (if any).

To take a screenshot, hold down the Command and Shift keys and press the number 4. Then use the mouse to select the area of the screen that you want to take a picture of. This will create a file called Screen Shot <date> at <time>.png on your desktop. Pressing the keys again will create Screen Shot <date> at <new time>.png, etc.

You can also take screenshots using the File ‣ Take Screenshot command in the Preview application.

To send in screeenshots, drag the files into your e-mail window to attach them to your message. If you’re using Apple Mail, be sure to set the Image Size pop-up menu at the bottom of the message window to Actual Size.

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