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6.4.2   Save false negatives to disk

False negatives are spam messages that SpamSieve examined but didn’t think were spam. This option causes SpamSieve to save such messages for later analysis. Clicking the Show button in the Advanced settings opens the folder containing the saved messages. You can e-mail this folder, along with SpamSieve’s log file, to By looking at the messages that SpamSieve missed, we can improve its algorithms to catch such messages in the future.

No False Negatives Files

If the False Negatives folder is empty, even after enabling Save false negatives to disk and training SpamSieve with an uncaught spam message, there is probably a setup problem in your mail program. Use the Open Log command to see whether SpamSieve made a prediction for that message.

Anti-Virus Alerts

It is OK for your anti-virus software to find viruses in the False Negatives folder. For more information, see the Does SpamSieve protect me from viruses? section. If you don’t want to see anti-virus alerts, you can either exclude the False Negatives folder from scans or uncheck Save false negatives to disk and delete all the files in that folder.

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