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5.3.2   Reset Corpus…

This command removes all the words and messages from the corpus. (It does not change the whitelist or blocklist.) After resetting the corpus, you can retrain SpamSieve from scratch, and SpamSieve will let you use your old messages in the retraining. Resetting the corpus and re-training SpamSieve with a proper mix of recent messages can increase SpamSieve’s accuracy and reduce its memory use.

Before you reset the corpus, SpamSieve automatically saves a backup in case you need to go back to the old corpus. The backups are saved in this folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/

(See the How can I open the Library folder? section.) To restore from a backup, choose Import Corpus… from the File menu and choose the appropriate Corpus <date>.plist file.

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