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6.1.3   Exclude my addresses

Enable this option so that spam messages with your own return address are not marked as good. (Spammers sometimes forge the return address to be your own, in an attempt to get through spam filters.) Disable this option if you send yourself messages and want to make sure that they are never marked as spam. SpamSieve looks on the “Me” card in Apple’s Contacts (previously Address Book) application to determine which addresses are yours. The easiest way to add your addresses to the “Me” card is to open your mail program and then use SpamSieve’s Update Address Book “Me” Card command.

You can also use this feature to catch spam messages sent from certain addresses in your address book. Normally, if you have Use macOS Contacts checked, messages from addresses in your address book will never be classified as spam. This is generally what you want, but there may be one or two particular addresses that spammers keep forging. By using Exclude my addresses and adding those addresses to the “Me” card in Contacts, you can get SpamSieve to analyze the full contents of those messages to determine whether they are spam. SpamSieve will continue to use the other addresses in the address book as before, always classifying messages from them as good.

For more information, please see the How do I make SpamSieve catch spams sent from my own address? section.

Excluding Extra Addresses

You can use Terminal to add additional addresses that you want to exclude but that are not listed on the “Me” card. Enter a command such as:

defaults write com.c-command.SpamSieve ExtraAddressesToExclude -array

To remove the list of addresses to exclude, enter this command:

defaults delete com.c-command.SpamSieve ExtraAddressesToExclude

Changes take effect the next time you launch SpamSieve. You can see which extra addresses are excluded by entering this command:

defaults read com.c-command.SpamSieve ExtraAddressesToExclude
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