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7.1.4   Checking the Eudora Setup

The Setting Up Eudora section describes how to set up Eudora to filter your mail using SpamSieve.

  1. Make sure that you see SpamSieve’s plug-in (and no other junk/spam plug-ins) listed when you choose About Message Plug-Ins from the Eudora menu.
  2. Make sure that the Junk Threshold is set to 50 and Hold junk in Junk mailbox is checked in Eudora’s Junk Mail settings.
  3. Make sure that Run junk scoring plugins on this IMAP account is checked in Eudora’s IMAP settings (if you have an IMAP account).
  4. Make sure that Mail isn’t junk if the sender is in an address book in Eudora’s Junk Mail pane is not checked.
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