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7.13.12   Can other Apple Mail plug-ins cause problems with SpamSieve?

We try to ensure that SpamSieve is compatible with other Apple Mail plug-ins. Nevertheless, it is possible for another plug-in—especially an old version—to prevent SpamSieve or Mail from working properly.

Known Issues


There is a known bug in the GPGMail plug-in that causes it to re-apply Mail’s rules (including SpamSieve) to non-new messages and even to sent messages.


MailTags has generally been fully compatible with SpamSieve. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of MailTags. If you encounter any problems, see if disabling it helps.


If you are using multiple Mail plug-ins and seeing hangs, problems launching, or other unexpected behavior, it’s best to check whether the problem goes away when only the SpamSieve plug-in is installed.

If disabling the other Mail plug-ins fixes the problem:

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