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Thread: Pop Mail times out on port 110

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    Default Pop Mail times out on port 110

    MacPro, Snow Leopard SERVER 10.6.2

    I am having trouble in MacMail. My pop accounts keep timing out on server 110. I have verified my account setting with my email provider, have verified my system with Apple Care.

    Today I deleted the pop accounts, turned OFF SpamSieve, re-set-up the pop accounts and they are working fine.

    I have two other machines on this network, a Mac G5 running 10.5.8, and a MacBook running 10.6.2 (not Server) BOTH are running SpamSieve with no problems.

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    SpamSieve has no interaction with the POP server, so it wouldn’t be related to this problem. You might as well turn it back on.

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