I store a lot of PDF files in a single archive folder in Eaglefiler. The PDF files are from my Fujitsu Scansnap.

Things are working well. I have a few Applescripts to help my workflow. And I use PDFPen to edit the PDF files (getting rid of pages, or combining PDF files into 1).

Just wondering if anyone has an easy way of selecting 3-4 PDF files in EagleFiler, and combining them into a single PDF file? While deleting the original PDF files. There are paywares and freewares that combine PDF files. As mentioned, I use PDFPen. But it's a bit clunky: because it involves opening the PDFFiles, selecting the pages, combining, saving, and then deleting the original files.

Has anyone written an Applescript that automates this? Otherwise, one of these months I'll try to have a look about trying.