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  1. When ScanSnap Manager would not work after...

    When ScanSnap Manager would not work after upgrading to Mojave, I went to the Fujitsu Page to get the Mojave driver, found the following:

    "Software Downloads: ScanSnap S1300i

    As legacy ScanSnap...
  2. Scanning into Eagle Filer with Fujitsu i1300 & ix1100 not possible with Mojave

    Since I upgraded to Mojave, I can no longer scan directly into Eagle Filer. Fujitsu wants me to use their new database which I prefer not to do. Is there a way to scan directly into EF with some...
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    Moving to a new Computer

    I recently bought a new laptop, installed EF and want to bring the old computer's EF library to the new one. What files do I bring over? Should I use DropBox?


  4. Using Text Expander to change format of EagleFinder Title

    I am implementing a Paperless System with a Scan Snap 1300 and Eagle Filer. I have the SS Manager configured such that the image is "OCR'ed' and sent to EF.

    When I open EF, I want to change the...
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