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    After reading the manual more thoroughly I found...

    After reading the manual more thoroughly I found the answer was to go to the Edit -> Substitutions sub menu and turn off smart quotes. This sub menu was grayed out however when I was in the editing...
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    New plain text file double quote

    I'm entering code into a new plain text file created within EagleFiler. When entering a double quotation mark in the EF editor bottom pane it creates a smart quote. I tried changing Textedit to...
  3. Hi Michael Thanks for the prompt feedback,...

    Hi Michael

    Thanks for the prompt feedback, much appreciated.

    Re the points I raised

    1. Searches work exactly as you outlined. thanks

    2. Re python integration I set up an external...
  4. Noob questions - Search File Types, Python and External Editor

    Have just purchased and set up my EagleFiler environment and all is working very well. Nice tool for Mac users. Well done.

    The only questions I have are

    1. Finding by File Type

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