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  1. Thanks for the quick and thorough reply and for...

    Thanks for the quick and thorough reply and for aiming me at the right doc sections. Got it !
  2. Should I Train Caught but Uncertain Spam as Spam Before Deleting?

    I am in the habit of scanning my AppleMail Spambox for messages that are caught as spam but not shaded grey, (that is the blue, orange, yellow shaded spams indicating less certainty) selecting them,...
  3. Thanks

    Not sure how they got enabled after all these years running this way, but they are disabled now, and I have re-ordered the rules on my iMac. Much obliged.
  4. Apple Mail SpamSieve Rules Sync Automatically?

    As advised, I run SpamSieve on my home iMac desktop and not on my MacBookPro. Assuming the iMac stays up and online, all spam is caught and filed there and none comes to my portable.

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    The recent wave of Gmail-addressed spam is lessening

    Oddly enough, after 2-3 weeks of 40-60 spam messages addressed to a Gmail account I have had for many years, the wave is lessening on its own. Last few days have seen 8-10 per day, more to Gmail...
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    Huge Boost in Gmail Spam?

    This is NOT a SpamSieve problem--it is catching and properly classifying this new onslaught of spam.

    I am just curious--as on average I was getting about 4-8 spam messages a day, primarily from...
  7. Weird. Rule was deleted

    The rule that invokes the script (was called Server Junk Mailbox SpamSieve) is not there any more. This wuyld explain why the script is being ignored.
  8. Not seeing any errors

    But hard to say, the console is filled with all sorts of useless warnings and stuff. No sign of any of the 3 messages in the SS log

    Would some ort of new error from the apple script preface a...
  9. Any Reason 2.9.23b4 Would Break "Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox" Script?

    Since finding the "Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox" script a while back, the last remaining Apple Mail annoyance had been neutralized--not being able to disable iCloud's junk mail filter.

  10. How About This?

    Now that I know what caused this (and I will setup a "For Training Later" holding mailbox) what if I just begin retraining/untraining the obvious spams using "Train As Spam" as they arrive, and tough...
  11. Found the Issue I Think

    Got to thinking about when this surge of missed spam began and about vacation, and I think that was the source. THAT was the break in my rigorous spam-training regimen.

    I run SS on one machine,...
  12. No other rules

    I have a couple of rules that file good messages in to Finance and Sports mailboxes, e.g., but nothing that does junk or spam message manipulation.
  13. Another

    I always train with the SpamSieve "Train As..." command, Good and Spam. The few messages that go into "Junk" (thanks iCloud, for not letting me turn that off!) I just "Apply Rules" to and they are...
  14. Not clear

    I have been using SpamSieve for a while. I am meticulous in training and correcting. I correct EVERY message that is misclassified. I always have and my interaction with the program has not changed...
  15. Significantly more Obvious False Negatives than Usual

    I am getting 3-4 False Negatives a day, up from about 1 a week. Most are obvious, and the log seems to think they were whitelisted. I would never whitelist such obvious spam, and am stumped as to...
  16. Suddenly Some Messages Going to Junk Folder Again

    Using SpamSieve since 2013 with great success. 97.4% correct rate with low false positives over 45,000 messages (48% of which are spam)

    Lately, one or two messages a day are showing up in my...
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    Oops, logfile came from avatar at stevebasile dot...

    Oops, logfile came from avatar at stevebasile dot com
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    Done. Thanks.

    I appreciate the support, and the rapid response here. Best Mac investment I have made, period.

    I can't imagine dealing manually with the 10,000 spam messages (1/3 of my incoming mail!) SpamSieve...
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    Accuracy Falling in past 90 days

    I've been a happy user since 9/5/13, with very few False Negatives (spam in my inbox) until the past 90 days or so. Over the past few months, obvious spam is getting through,. I am dutiful about...
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