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  1. So I can have multiple users access the...

    So I can have multiple users access the EagleFiler Library Files Folder.

    Then if any folders or files are added, I can invoke Scan for New Files to add them to the EagleFiler database.

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    FEATURE REQUEST: Custom Applescript Menu

    Eaglefiler can be Applescripted. This is wonderful.

    But Eaglefiler does not show a custom Applescript Menu like other applications do.

    For example PDFpenPro has a custom Applescript Menu that...
  3. Thank!

    Thank you for pointing out EagleFiler can be scripted!
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    Great, I'm for the major update

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the update.

    I'm looking forward to the major update!
  5. It would be nice if EagleFiler had a rebuild...

    It would be nice if EagleFiler had a rebuild database feature so we wouldn't have to manually do so many things to rebuild it.

  6. FEATURE REQUEST: Basic File Renaming - like MacOS Finder

    Many times, I want to do a batch change in the name of files. However this has to be done manually in Eaglefiler.

    If I went directly to the folder in the Finder containing the files and rename...
  7. Can DropDMG change the password of an encrypted Disk Image?

    I still use KNOX despite it being abandoned by AgileBits.
    However, KNOX is getting really really old.

    One of its nice tricks however is that it can change the password of an encrypted sparse...
  8. Can Multiple Users access the EagleFiler Library simultaneously?

    EagleFiler is a fantastic way for organizing files.

    In wonder however if I can place the library in my DropBox folder and have two users access it at the same time from different Macs.

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    Wish for 3-Vertical-Column Viewer Window for Eaglefiler

    Just checking in. I did not realize so much time has passed since my original post on 8/10/2012 (!) wishing for a 3-vertical-column view for Eaglefiler.

    The idea is for a view that is similar to...
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    Additionally, the last column on the right is always the record view.
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    FEATURE REQUEST: 3-Column View

    Currently, the EagleFiler Window shows:
    1. Source List - as left-sided side bar
    2. Records List - as a pane at the top-half of the window
    3. Record Viewer - as a pane at the bottom-half of the...
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