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  1. Thank you so much. I've incorporated this change...

    Thank you so much. I've incorporated this change into several modified scripts and they work perfectly.
  2. How to convert webarchives to PDF (Single Page)

    Problem: For research purposes, I'm would like to use EagleFiler to back up page copies of a list of URLs (browser bookmarks) in *two* formats: webarchive and PDF (single page).

    Question: Is there...
  3. Capture from authenticated web pages via browser cookies

    I encountered an interesting piece of software last year, SiteCrawler by Lighthead, and while it is a completely different kind of application, it has one method for downloading authenticated web...
  4. Thoresson, for updates, you can do...

    Thoresson, for updates, you can do this in two ways that I know of. There may be other ways that the developer knows about.

    One is to use the third party application WebNoteHappy as I...
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    When does EagleFiler write Spotlight comments?

    When does EagleFiler write to the Spotlight comments field of a file? I'm assuming that it happens on one or more of these events...?

    - on quit?
    - on metadata backup routine?
    - when the tags of...
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    Thanks. If I come up with something I'll post it...

    Thanks. If I come up with something I'll post it here.

    Is the tag export controlled by an applescript as well, so that I can remove the exported commas? I couldn't find it in the package contents,...
  7. Love finder label integration! Curious about color tint, pick order

    I love the fact that the EagleFiler label system is Finder integrated. It was one of the first signs I had that this was the app for me.

    These are two tiny nitpick questions: I'm a bit confused...
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    How tag import-export breaks: commas, prefixes, URLs etc.

    I'm really excited that you've added tag export! (and embarrassed that I requested it hours before you posted this obviously long-planned feature). Unfortunately the feature as implemented won't...
  9. WebnoteHappy or Cocoalicious as importer

    To answer the second half of the question that started this thread: it looks like you can import a bunch of delicious bookmarks into EagleFiler using either WebnoteHappy or Cocoalicious as a bridge....
  10. Draft delicious workflow for Pukka+EagleFiler

    Draft delicious workflow for Pukka+EagleFiler

    The only thing that isn't working is the title....

    Pre: Assumes you have a account and have installed and setup Pukka. I tested this...
  11. importing and workflows

    Did you end up taking a crack at this?

    I have two related things I'm tinkering with:

    1. Archive social bookmarks:

    Turn 1500+ bookmarks into webarchives - this would ideally mean...
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    Finder import that preserves comments?

    Summary: I love your app. I can't figure out how to Finder import and preserve comments. Workaround tip? If not: consider adding "preserve" checkbox to future Finder import dialog?

    First, a rave:...
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