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  1. Tags not importing from MailTags
  2. Initial responses
  3. Storing Data on Encrypted Disk Images
  4. Capturing mail content
  5. Opening in default browser, Bayesian classification etc
  6. Problem with importing text files via applescript
  7. AssertionError while adding Web Archive to library
  8. the usual sync question
  9. Where is NetNewsWire?
  10. Folder names problem
  11. Support for Excel Files
  12. Just loving it...
  13. last sync (sort of) question...
  14. Tags, Unsupported Filetypes, and the Finder
  15. "anywhere" search fails + locking issue...
  16. webarchives> media/authentication
  17. A few questions/suggestions
  18. hotkey capture from Opera
  19. search defaulting to "anywhere"
  20. printing prints item lists, not item content
  21. Recently modified smart folder
  22. Firefox capture script
  23. A small feature request: reactivate last library
  24. bug: mail tags remain after inboxes undone
  25. Support additional formats?
  26. Scalability?
  27. Import from mail failure
  28. deleting mail record
  29. Feature Request: Folder/Mailbox-specific column setups
  30. Default web font
  31. Adding/Deleting Files
  32. Mail & email with attachments
  33. Problems with stability
  34. not permission to edit file
  35. editing multiple notes at once
  36. "not so quick"-capture
  37. lost notes
  38. A few more questions
  39. What an incredible product, but.....
  40. Export
  41. Impressions
  42. adding thing thru the finder
  43. Feedback and a few items for the wishlist
  44. highlight matched search terms in pdf and web archive
  45. Badly Need Features
  46. newbie questions
  47. Wishlist feature: "synchronizing" mailboxes
  48. Bug Report: EF hangs on delete
  49. File Storage & Software Selection
  50. Smart Folder
  51. How to import soho notes
  52. Awesome app!!
  53. How to delete Emails stored in EagleFiler
  54. MailSteward import
  55. Searching into mailboxes
  56. auto open
  57. url can't be imported
  58. Handling new mail (or I just don't get it)
  59. Mail import - unsupported file type?
  60. Ability to add additional columns
  61. Importing IMAP mail
  62. intergrated text editor?
  63. Hierarchical tagging
  64. [Wishlist] Editing multiple files, and open with
  65. Loving the Drop Pad in v1.1
  66. 1.1! Judas Priest!
  67. Select a folder bug?
  68. hierarchical folders vs. tags
  69. Some problems using the new release
  70. rtfd files
  71. A few features for my wishlist
  72. How do you deal with mail?
  73. Using Aliases within EagleFiler
  74. suggestions for EagleFiler-setup
  75. sort order in source list
  76. Importing files from Yep (spotlight comments, title vs filename)
  77. Wishlist: Default Library Preference
  78. featurewish (switching from DevonThink to EF)
  79. web item dates
  80. tag completion bug
  81. Syncing Tags/Spotlight comments script
  82. Problem importing URLs and webarchives
  83. Feature request: Naming of new rtf-files
  84. Error message - filedescriptor out of range in select
  85. Set Default Font?
  86. show iCal info
  87. Return of the formatting feature proposals: convert to plain text
  88. Suggestion: record list behaviour
  89. Search in Notes?
  90. organizing files on my computer
  91. Mail Error
  92. Shortcut overload: »Command <« — import Text vs. select next window
  93. URL vs Web archive vs either
  94. Encrypted storage of emails & »Reveal in Finder«
  95. Mail.app losing mails
  96. drag and drop between libraries
  97. tagging and info for folders
  98. Bug: importing local web archives
  99. customizable metadata fields, and/or searching through such fields
  100. importing problem
  101. optimal record viewer scrolling?
  102. clicking on mail attachments adds them to EF
  103. Version 1.1.1
  104. EF vs Yojimbo?
  105. Problem with Tags
  106. Fun bug: infinitely receding PDF
  107. bug: self-erasing text fields
  108. Thanks for the chuckle
  109. Feature proposal: export library
  110. Mail duplication when merging mailboxes
  111. Applescript for import from clipboard?
  112. EF vs DEVONthink Pro
  113. RTF and RTFD
  114. Stop or pause import
  115. Feature Request: cross-location boolean search
  116. Using ef with files on network attached storage
  117. How do I disable viewing subfolder contents in Library ?
  118. EF and Endo - error
  119. Changing dates?
  120. Changing format of a file?
  121. syncing
  122. Feature Request: Library-to-Library copy
  123. Thank you for "Convert for Editing"
  124. Missing file?
  125. A proposal of an EAGLEacademy or a TSAIacademy
  126. Example Libraries
  127. Note Naming Goodness
  128. Feature Request: Import from Preview
  129. How to change name of library?
  130. UI wishes
  131. Using Hogbay's Writeroom in RTF
  132. Ram Usage - Creeps WAY Up
  133. script request: gyazmail
  134. I love the update
  135. can I drag folders/files between libraries?
  136. can I edit files outside of EF?
  137. using a different editor than text edit
  138. Editing a note in EF and cmd-tabbing away
  139. Multiple ways to import: what's best?
  140. Change in Font - Prompt for Tagging
  141. Hightlight Search Terms in Documents?
  142. Feature request: 5-star rating
  143. Import of Address Book and iCal backups renames files
  144. Interesting: can't close or quit!
  145. Cannot import iWork Pages documents
  146. Bug: undo add tag
  147. Searching email archive and other items in library
  148. Can an EF Mail Library be effectively shared amongst 4-5 workstations?
  149. item view not updated
  150. Organising pdf files in EF - without losing the EndNote links?
  151. Conceptual Block Understanding EagleFiler
  152. Spotlight and Tagging
  153. Question about Drop Pad
  154. Two lost files in EagleFiler
  155. Applescript syntax
  156. Performance with big libraries
  157. Feature request - export as plain text
  158. Feature request: Increase/Decrease Font size
  159. Feature requests about mail
  160. Inconsistent Search Results
  161. UI Bugs: tags in source list, inspector tag bar
  162. Feature: zooming with cmd-=
  163. Feature: number column in tag window
  164. Tagging multiple notes at once
  165. beachball
  166. Tags in Inspector
  167. Using EF to handle copyflow
  168. Alphabet tags
  169. Merging mailboxes and duplicate messages
  170. Query: Eudora vs EF for storing mail
  171. Mail? I don't understand?
  172. Find in non-text files
  173. At the risk of bloat-- document scanning?
  174. Tags in source view
  175. Sort by date bug?
  176. Feature Request: Quick Note
  177. Is there a way to see all untagged files?
  178. feature request: view/convert .webarchives using 'print' stylesheets
  179. Searching contents of text files
  180. tab in viewer pane with a web archive with a form
  181. Flock Browser Support?
  182. New RTF notes not automatically selected
  183. EF as PDF organizer, and small feature request: Search on filename
  184. Importing Mail
  185. Removing files from Trash
  186. Folder Sync
  187. Feature request: delete a record in Tag view
  188. Feature Request: Bookmarklets
  189. Question on performance
  190. Folder Actions
  191. importing del.icio.us links directly to EF?
  192. recently added folder question
  193. feature request: tag groups
  194. Feature suggestions: encryption and index
  195. Using Applescript to copy RTF text
  196. Applescript to add file to a folder within a library
  197. tag-as-you-type
  198. Index hanging on a file
  199. Relative links in webarchives
  200. Password / Encryption
  201. Feature requests: ability like the firefox extension scrapbook
  202. viewing mail: a small feature request and a small bug?
  203. Import performance
  204. import questions
  205. Pop up/side drawer for EF windows
  206. Delete/Trash Mail Messages
  207. Speed
  208. scripted folders available?
  209. Multiple view...
  210. Viewing PDFs
  211. Migrating from Yojimbo with tags
  212. Importing e-mail from DevonThink, fundamental problem
  213. Default style...
  214. How goes smart folders?
  215. Splitting up an existing library
  216. import directly to a folder?
  217. Importing directly from save dialogue window
  218. Finder import that preserves comments?
  219. Word vs Phrase Index
  220. version 1.2 enhancements
  221. Feature request for new Spotlight tagging in 1.2
  222. Love finder label integration! Curious about color tint, pick order
  223. Similar pc program
  224. New user with EagleFiler 1.2 tag and pdf problems.
  225. To Import and files changing
  226. entourage import broken in 1.2?
  227. tag cloud question
  228. prefix character for tags
  229. Hang while indexing (after import problems)
  230. Feature request: check for extra files
  231. Feature request: "rich" drag and drop from EF
  232. Library Corruption?
  233. Bug report: To Import and duplicate records
  234. Feature request: apply Title to Filename
  235. No disclosure triangle for the Unfiled folder?
  236. Feature request: New Plain Text File
  237. # of pages
  238. Right-click on records may not allow every action
  239. Web archives and cache
  240. Sample AppleScripts
  241. Combining mail boxes
  242. Feature suggestion: open link in same browser window?
  243. Feature request (very small): Cmd-1 to *toggle* Drop Pad
  244. Feature request: inheritance in nested tags?
  245. Preserve Skim notes
  246. Store web site as rich text
  247. Update Tags from Finder
  248. Export e-mail as mbox not working
  249. Built-in backup
  250. Error on some emails