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5.6.5   Set Label

The Set Label command lets you set the colored label of the selected records. Each file can have one of 7 possible label colors, or none at all. The label is shown as the background color in the records list and also in the Label column.

EagleFiler stores labels in the standard Mac filesystem metadata, so that they are available in the Finder and in other applications. Some cloud syncing software does not support this metadata and so will not preserve labels.

The Importing Mail section describes how e-mail messages in EagleFiler may be stored as individual files or in mailbox files. With mailbox files, multiple messages are stored in a single mailbox file. Thus, there can only be one filesystem label for the mailbox and all messages in the mailbox will show the same label in EagleFiler.

To have separate colors for messages that are stored in mailboxes, you can use tags instead of labels. Tags can be displayed in the records list as colored names or colored abbreviation symbols. For more information, see the Show Tags section.

On macOS 10.8 and earlier, the label names are editable in the Finder’s Preferences window. On macOS 10.9 and later, the label names are always the system color names.

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