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3.4.7   Services

Enabling EagleFiler’s Services

After installing EagleFiler, you may have to log out and log in again in order for the services to work. To make sure the services are enabled, open System Settings, click on Keyboard, then click on Shortcuts (or Keyboard Shortcuts). Click on Services in the list at the left, then look under the Text section at the right and make sure there are checkmarks next to the EagleFiler items.

Using EagleFiler’s Services

You can use EagleFiler’s import services to import text that’s selected in other applications:

First, select the text that you want to import. You can then invoke an import service:

The import services normally import text from Safari in Web archive format. The ImportTextAsWebArchive esoteric preference can be used to change this to RTF if desired.

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