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4.4.3   Searching From Other Applications

You can quickly initiate an EagleFiler search while in another application by using the x-eaglefiler URL scheme. When you open a URL of the form x-eaglefiler://search?q=query, EagleFiler brings itself to the front, selects the Records source in the current library, and searches for query. You can also initiate searches via AppleScript.


To set up Alfred for searching EagleFiler:

  1. In Alfred’s Settings window, click on Features, then Web Search.
  2. Click the Add Custom Search button.
  3. For the Search URL, enter x-eaglefiler://search?q={query}.
  4. Set the Title to EagleFiler and the Keyword to something that you find convenient, for example ef.
  5. Click Save.
  6. You can now search EagleFiler for the word apple by pressing Alfred’s hotkey and then typing ef apple.


To set up LaunchBar for searching EagleFiler:

  1. From the Index menu, choose Show Index.
  2. Click on Search Templates.
  3. Click the + button at the center of the bottom of the window to create a new search template.
  4. Set the Name to EagleFiler and the Template URL to x-eaglefiler://search?q=*.
  5. You can now search EagleFiler for the word apple by pressing LaunchBar’s hotkey, searching for the EagleFiler template, pressing the Spacebar, and then typing apple.


To set up Raycast for searching EagleFiler:

  1. Open the Settings and click on Extensions.
  2. Add a Quicklink and enter ef or some other abbreviation as the Name.
  3. Enter x-eaglefiler://search?q={Query} as the Link.
  4. Set the Open With to EagleFiler.
  5. Click Create Quicklink.
  6. You can now search EagleFiler from Raycast by using the ef shortcut.

Specifying a Library

The above examples will search the current library that’s open in EagleFiler. You can also specify a library in the URL scheme by path. EagleFiler will then open that library, if necessary, before performing the search. For example, to search the library located at:


you would specify the Alfred search URL:


or the LaunchBar search template:


Mac App Store

The feature to search EagleFiler from other applications is not available in the Mac App Store version of EagleFiler.

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