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3.4.8   Save PDF to EagleFiler

Choose File ‣ Print any application and then choose Save PDF to EagleFiler from the PDF button menu. This will convert the document to PDF format and import it into EagleFiler. Hold down the Option key to have EagleFiler show you the options window.

Unlike the other methods of Importing Web Pages and URLs, in this case EagleFiler is not generating the PDF, so the source URL metadata is not saved.

You can also use a custom AppleScript as a save-to-PDF action.

Installing the PDF Service

If you purchased via the Mac App Store, due to Apple’s guidelines, EagleFiler cannot automatically install the PDF service that adds the Save PDF to EagleFiler command to the Print dialog. To install the PDF service yourself:

  1. Open the folder:

    /Users/<username>/Library/PDF Services/

    (See How can I open the Library folder?.) If there is no PDF Services folder inside the Library folder, create a new folder named PDF Services.

  2. Select the EagleFiler application in the Finder.

  3. Choose File ‣ Make Alias.

  4. Drag the new alias into the PDF Services folder and rename the alias to Save PDF to EagleFiler.

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