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4.3   Record Viewer

The record viewer shows the contents of the selected file or e-mail message. Text, RTF, and RTFD files can be edited directly in the viewer. EagleFiler automatically saves your changes to disk, and it supports standard features such as spell-checking, find/replace, and text-to-speech.

EagleFiler knows how to display many different kinds of files. If it does not natively understand a file’s format, EagleFiler uses Quick Look to display a preview of the file.

There is also a tags bar at the bottom of the viewer for assigning or unassigning the tags of the current item.

record viewer mail

While the record viewer has focus, you can press Command-Delete to delete the current record(s).

Control-click on a selected word or phrase to set that phrase as the tag, filename, from, or title.

To hide and show the record viewer, you can use the Show ‣ Record Viewer command in the View menu or drag or double-click the divider.

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