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5.6.13   Open With External Viewer

Opens the selected records in a specialized viewer application such as Preview, Safari, or Mail. Folders and mailboxes will open in a new window in EagleFiler. If you open an e-mail, the message that’s displayed in Mail is the message that’s stored in EagleFiler’s library, not the original message that was imported from Mail (which might already have been deleted).

If a search is in effect, EagleFiler passes the search string to the external viewer so that it can show you the matches in the document.

Double-clicking a record is a shortcut for choosing this command from the menu. Hold down the Option key to open the source URL instead of the stored file.

To open the record using an application other than the default, use the Open With command.

To change the keyboard shortcut for this command, see the CommandOToOpenRecord esoteric preference.

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