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5.2.4   New Record ‣ From Clipboard

Creates a new RTF, RTFD, or PNG file inside the selected source. The content of the file is taken from the clipboard. In a way, you are creating a new file in EagleFiler by “pasting” text or an image, and the keyboard shortcut of Command-Shift-V reflects this.

You can Edit ‣ Copy a file in Finder and then use New Record ‣ From Clipboard to import a copy of it. This may be preferable to using the capture key if you want to import into the currently selected folder, rather than the top level (Unfiled) or the folder last selected for Capture with options.

Because you are creating the file directly, EagleFiler does not check whether it’s a duplicate of a file that’s already in the library.

You can use the PrefersRichText esoteric preference to set EagleFiler to create plain text files instead.

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