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3.6.2   Importing Mail From Airmail

Importing Individual Messages

There are two ways to import a single message from Airmail to EagleFiler. Both will import the message as a .eml file:

Importing Multiple Messages

  1. Create a new folder in Airmail, e.g. called To Export.
  2. Drag into it the messages that you wish to export.
  3. Go to Airmail ‣ Settings… ‣ Rules.
  4. Click + and choose Add Rule. Enter Export as the name and click Done. The rule should have Enable unchecked.
  5. From the All Inboxes pop-up menu, select the To Export folder that you just created.
  6. Change the Then of the rule to Export and select the destination folder from the next pop-up menu.
  7. Select the Action checkbox and click Record Shortcut. Enter a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Control-Option-Command-E). Click Save.
  8. You can now type the keyboard shortcut to export whatever messages are in the To Export folder. In the future, you can just add new messages to that folder and press the keyboard shortcut to export them; it’s not necessary to create additional folders or rules.
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