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3.4.5   Importing From a Scanner

If you use a scanner to digitize paper documents, you can set the scanner software to use the To Import folder or the Files folder as its output folder. Then EagleFiler will automatically import the scans into your library.

Configuring Image Capture

If macOS has built-in support for your scanner, you can access it from the Image Capture application:

  1. Click on your scanner under Devices or Shared.
  2. Set the Scan To folder to the To Import folder or the Files folder in your EagleFiler library.
  3. Click the Scan button.

Configuring ScanSnap Manager

If you’re using a Fujitsu ScanSnap:

  1. Open the Settings window for the ScanSnap Manager.
  2. Select your desired profile or add a new one for scanning to EagleFiler.
  3. In the Application tab, select None (Scan To File) for the application.
  4. In the Save tab, click the Browse… button and choose your EagleFiler library’s To Import folder for the Image saving folder.
  5. In the File option tab, select PDF for the File format. Check Convert to Searchable PDF if you would like the ScanSnap software to perform optical character recognition (OCR).
  6. Documents that you scan will now go into your EagleFiler library (whether or not EagleFiler is running at the time).

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