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5.2.17   Import Bookmarks…

EagleFiler can import Netscape-format HTML bookmarks files from the following products:

Go to Settings and then Export / Backup Bookmarks.
Go to Settings an then Export / Download .HTML file.
Go to Pinboard’s export page and choose the option to export as HTML. Choose a filename that ends with .html.
Go to Manage account ‣ Export and click Export HTML file.
Choose Export Bookmarks… from the File menu.

The URLs will be imported using the chosen Web page format. EagleFiler will preserve the tags, titles, and descriptions that you’ve set, as well as the original bookmarking date.

If Skip URLs that are already in the library is checked, EagleFiler will not import a URL if there is already a (non-trashed) file in the library with the same source URL (even if file format is different). This setting does not affect duplicate URLs within the bookmarks file.

To automatically import new URLs from Instapaper and other services that provide RSS feeds, see the Import From Instapaper via NetNewsWire script.

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