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8.7   How can I move messages between mailboxes?

In order to improve performance and make more efficient use of disk space, EagleFiler prefers to store e-mail messages in mailbox files (using the standard “mbox” format), and it does not allow them to be moved from one mailbox to another. Thus, it is best to organize messages into the mailboxes that you want (and to delete messages that you don’t want to save) before importing them into EagleFiler. Nevertheless, several organization options are available once your messages are in an EagleFiler library:

  1. You can merge multiple mailboxes into one. For example, if each month you import mailbox A into EagleFiler, you’ll end up with lots of A mailboxes in the library, each containing one month’s worth of messages. By merging all of the A mailboxes into one, you can reduce visual clutter and make EagleFiler run more efficiently.
  2. You can drag messages from mailboxes to folders. This deletes the messages from the mailbox and stores the messages as individual .eml files in the folder. This is not as efficient as storing one file per mailbox, but it allows for more flexible organization.
  3. You can organize messages (from different mailboxes) into tag sources. As with playlists in iTunes, each message can be in more than one tag source at a time.
  4. The easiest way to avoid storing duplicate messages is to delete messages in your mail program after you’ve imported them into EagleFiler. You can also delete individual messages from an EagleFiler mailbox, although this will not save disk space; it will only hide the messages from view.
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