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8.1   How can I access my library from multiple Macs?

There are several different ways of sharing an EagleFiler library among multiple Macs. Most of these techniques will also work for sharing your files with a Windows PC or iOS device. You can either create a new library in the shared location or close your library and then move the entire library folder.

Rules for Shared Libraries

Ways of Sharing That Have Been Tested With EagleFiler

Encrypted Libraries

If you use the New Library… command create an encrypted EagleFiler library, EagleFiler will wrap up your library and all its files into a disk image that preserves all the metadata. Be sure to eject the disk image after closing the library in EagleFiler. This causes the OS to save all the information to disk so that it can be synced properly. (You can use the Close & Lock command to do this in one step.)

Note: Encrypted libraries can only be accessed from a Mac, not from the Web or an iPhone or iPad.

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