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October 2014

Barzille Working on new installation dmg file for all products. I am loving Automator and DropDMG for doing that :)

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RT @yuusharo: @dropdmg Even better! Looking forward to the new update. I use it literally everyday at work. Best $24 I’ve spent in a long t…

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@yuusharo So, no, we’re not going back to submit 3.2.4 to the store.

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@yuusharo DropDMG 3.2.4 was not submitted to the Mac App Store due to a store bug that is now fixed. 3.2.5 will be out and submitted soon.

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yuusharo @dropdmg *Love* DropDMG. Archiving FCPX libraries is trivial and MUCH more reliable than Disk Utility. Will 3.2.4 ever go in the App Store?

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RT @stevescipioni: @joekissell Awesome! I’m actually using DropDMG and making an image on my external now. The rest are running GM 3.0.

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