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4.1.2   Software Update…

Checking for Updates

Click the Check Now button, and DropDMG will tell you whether a newer version is available for download. By default, DropDMG will automatically check for new versions each time it is launched and once per day. You can disable this feature by unchecking the Check for updates automatically checkbox.


If a new version is available, DropDMG will tell you what’s new in that version. Click Download to have DropDMG download the .dmg file for the new version to your downloads folder. Click Download & Install to have it download the .dmg and then update the installed DropDMG application to the new version. For more information, please see Updating From a Previous Version.

Installing a Fresh Copy

You can hold down the Option key when you click Check Now to make DropDMG always download the latest version, even if your version is already up-to-date. This is an easy way to download and re-install a fresh copy of DropDMG if your copy is damaged.


To check for a new version, DropDMG contacts a Web server at over a secure connection. DropDMG transmits the following information to the server: the name of the product (DropDMG) and its version, the version of macOS, the kind of Mac and processor, whether DropDMG has been purchased, whether it is running in dark mode, and the name of the current language. This information is used to guide future development. No personal information is transmitted.

Mac App Store

If you purchased DropDMG or EagleFiler via the Mac App Store, the Software Update… menu command is not present, and updates are available via the App Store application.

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