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4.2.3   Convert Image/Archive…

When you choose Convert Image/Archive… from the File menu, DropDMG brings up a window where you can select a source disk image or archive. Hold down the Command or Shift key to select multiple source items. DropDMG will convert each source item into a new disk image or archive, using the options from the chosen configuration.

You can use Convert Image/Archive… to join a segmented disk image (a .dmg file and multiple .dmgpart files) into a single .dmg file. Choose the desired format in the settings, and make sure that Limit segments to is unchecked. Then tell DropDMG to convert the source .dmg file.

A shortcut for Convert Image/Archive… is to drag the source disk image or archive onto the DropDMG window or DropDMG’s Dock icon.

Updating Legacy Disk Images

When you try to open a disk image created by Mac OS 9 or an old version of macOS, the system may report:

The following disk images couldn’t be opened

legacy image should be converted

In that case, you can use DropDMG’s Convert Image command to update the disk image by converting to a current format. Then you will once again be able to open it by double-clicking.

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