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3.3   Backing Up Your Files to CD/DVD

By combining DropDMG’s imaging and burning features, you can easily back up your files to CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, or Blu-ray. DropDMG will store the files efficiently on the discs, and you can optionally protect them using encryption.

  1. Go to the Configurations tab of DropDMG’s Preferences window and click the + button to make a new configuration. Set the options that you want to use for the backup. Probably you’ll want one of the compressed .dmg formats. For an encrypted backup, choose an encryption level and set a passphrase. Use the Sizes pop-down menu to set the size of the segments to match the discs you’ll be using. If you will be backing up an entire disk, make sure that Optimize for restores is checked.

    Note: Since you created a new configuration, you can skip this step next time; just make sure that the proper configuration is selected.

  2. To back up a folder, drag it onto the DropDMG window or use one of the other methods. DropDMG will create a .dmg and (if necessary) some .dmgpart files.

  3. Use the Burn… command to burn the .dmg and .dmgpart files to disc, making sure that it’s set to Burn disk images as files.

  4. After the burning is complete, you can delete the .dmg and .dmgpart files.

This backup method has a variety of advantages over ultra-simple backup methods (e.g. Burn Folders in the Finder) and more specialized backup programs:

The Restoring Files and Disks section describes how to restore your backup.

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