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6.1.2   Use Mac OS X Address Book

With this option enabled, SpamSieve will never predict a message to be spam if its sender’s e-mail address is in the Contacts (previously Address Book) application.

On Mac OS X 10.8 and later, the first time you launch SpamSieve it will ask for permission to access your contacts. You can change the access setting by opening System Preferences, going to the Security & Privacy pane, clicking on the Privacy tab, clicking on Contacts in the list, and checking or unchecking (Please note that the applications in the list are not sorted alphabetically.)

You can add addresses to the system address book using the Contacts or Address Book application (located in the /Applications folder), or directly from an e-mail program that supports the system address book.

PowerMail users should be sure to enable the option to use Apple’s address book. Entourage users may prefer to use their address book as a whitelist instead of Apple’s. This is described in the Setting Up Entourage section.

If spam messages get through to your inbox because they are sent from addresses in your address book, you can either uncheck Use Mac OS X Address Book or see the Exclude my addresses section. For more information, please see the How do I make SpamSieve catch spams sent from my own address? section.

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