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7.6   How should I configure the junk filter on my mail server?

SpamSieve is compatible with junk/spam filters that run on the mail server, however we recommend that most users turn them off because:

Turning Off Your Server-Side Spam Filter

There are instructions for disabling AOL’s spam filter using the AOL Desktop software as well as the AOL Web site.

Go to Gmail’s Filters settings. Create a new filter where the From matches @ (that is, don’t type the parens that you see in the screenshot below) and tell Gmail to Never send it to Spam:

gmail spam filter

It is not possible to turn off iCloud’s junk filter. You can use the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script to have SpamSieve move any good messages that iCloud caught to the inbox and consolidate the spam in a single mailbox. Otherwise be sure to check the account’s Junk mailbox to make sure that there are no good messages stuck there.
Yahoo Mail

Click on the gear menu, then Mail Options, then Filters. Create a filter that matches @ in the sender and delivers the messages to Inbox:

yahoo mail spam filter

Many mail hosts offer SpamAssassin or a similar filter. Make sure the filter is set not to add **Junk**, [Spam], or another tag to the message’s subject. Also, try to configure the filter not to move the messages out of the inbox. It is actually good if you can leave the filter on, but set so that it only tags the message’s headers (e.g. by adding X-Spam-Status and X-Spam-Report headers). This will allow SpamSieve to incorporate the work that the server filter has done into its analysis.

Re-filtering Messages Caught by the Server Filter

You can use the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script to have SpamSieve save you from mistakes that the server junk filter made by moving any messages that it thinks are good back to the inbox. It will also consolidate the spam messages from all the accounts into a single spam mailbox (the same one where SpamSieve is already putting your spam).

E-mail Hosting

E-mail is important. If your mail provider does not offer full control over the way it is filtering your messages, we recommend switching to one that does. The best solution is to get your own domain name; this allows you to change your mail provider without having to change your e-mail address. DreamHost, FastMail, Pair are some inexpensive hosts that we’ve used and recommend. Other ones that’ve heard good things about are 1&1, Cotse.Net, LuxSci, and GoDaddy.

Bulk Mail and Quarantine

Some mail providers have a mailbox called Bulk Mail or a special Web site to view messages that are “quarantined.” If possible, we recommend turning off these features for the same reasons described above. Regardless, there are two important points to keep in mind:

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