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  1. Hadn't Considered That

    Hadn't considered that. (Actually, I'm converting many of my files to .rtfd files due to the transparent editing feature on EagleFiler. The only real problem with converting is losing headers,...
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    Feature Request: More Size Information

    Would like to see the size of folders in the size column. Also would be nice if the sizes of "package" files (like from Pages 2) could be displayed correctly. As of 1.2.2 they all show as 0.2 KB....
  3. Feature Request: See Labels and Tags in Source Column

    Minor request: could the source column show label color and/or tag icon for each folder, perhaps by coloring the folders and placing the tag icons next to each folder?
  4. Feature Request: Multi-file search-and-replace

    Would be nice if the robust search engine on EagleFiler 1.2.2 could be used with a search-and-replace, for changing words that are being used in multiple files.
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    Bug Report: Imported Folders Lose Labels

    When I import a folder – using window, drop pad, or capture key – Eagle Filer 1.2.2 strips the label from it.
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    Insight: EagleFiler as Project Manager

    Recently found EagleFiler and fell in love with it. I'm not using it for mail, though; I am using it as a project manager for a role-playing book which I am writing. It is excellently suited for the...
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