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5.2.18   Backup Metadata

Metadata is EagleFiler-specific information such a record’s title, from, checksum, source URL, tags, and notes. It is stored inside the .eflibrary file.

EagleFiler will automatically backup a library’s metadata when it’s opened and also periodically thereafter. You can manually backup the metadata by holding down the Option key and choosing Backup Metadata from the File menu.

Metadata is backed up to invisible XML EagleFiler Metadata.plist files inside the library folder. These are standard Mac OS X property lists that can be viewed in TextEdit and processed by many other programs.

The backups allow EagleFiler to reconstruct all of your metadata if the .eflibrary file is damaged or deleted.

To restore from a library’s metadata backup, please see the How can I rebuild a library? section.

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